Our Story

Since the age of 15, Colleen Perkins-Bailey has faced every obstacle that has come with Chronic Kidney Disease with diligence, courage, and tenacity. Throughout her diagnosis, treatments, transplant and kidney rejection she has always remained positive and seeking out a way to help others living with this disease to know that they too; can survive and live life to the fullest. That concern and need to educate others is what brought about the Colleen Perkins-Bailey Project. Moved by Colleen’s spirit and commitment to making a difference, Colleen’s family and friends decided to join her in spreading this message of hope to those affected by chronic kidney disease that they too could overcome the obstacles this disease has placed before them.

That commitment is now the Colleen Perkins-Bailey Project the ongoing journey of a Kidney Disease survivor who has beaten the odds against her. With a goal to become one of the nations best grassroots networks dedicated to educating and helping individuals and families affected by Chronic Kidney Disease. We are working together to save lives, empower people, and ensure that they know Kidney Disease means altering your lifestyle; not ending it. With the help of our sponsors, and community members we hope to actively participate in communities across the country by providing workshops, special events, seminars and support services to patients and their families.