Copy of CCR Presentation for Johns Hopkins

Who We Are

Colleen’s Crew Room was established after our Co-Founder Colleen’s second kidney transplant she had some complications which caused her to stay in the hospital longer than usual.  Fortunately, she and her family lived close to the hospital and they could have family come visit and get there during emergency situations.  However, she and her family quickly recognized that there were others who were transplant recipients and community members that also needed help and were not so lucky.  Most of the transplant recipients came from out of town or lived in various parts of the state and were forced to pay absorbent hotel fees every day even with a discount from the hospital.  This need led our organization to support patients and families who have received/receiving organ donations by starting Colleen’s Crew Room.


What We Do

Colleen’s Crew Room helps transplant recipients by providing safe, convenient, affordable housing for pre and post-transplant recovery. The transplant recipient or family member typically learns of our services from their transplant team or local transplant support group. All potential residents will complete an application for housing and must pass a criminal background check before arrival. The typical stay at Colleen’s Crew Room is  5-10days or longer depending upon their medical needs. We cater to kidney, liver, and heart transplant recipients and their caregivers.


The Need

Transplant patients often travel far beyond their local hospital for transplant surgery where they face limited housing choices. Once patients “move” to the top of a donor list, they are typically required to be in residence within a short drive of the hospital as they await surgery. Housing may be needed immediately; stays vary from weeks to months, depending on the availability of donor organs and recovery time post-surgery. Because of patients’ immune-suppressed state, sterile living environments are required to reduce risk of infection. After Transplant patients are often required to return to their hospital where they received their transplant for follow ups which can often take 3-10 days depending on follow-up testing.  Our residences will fill an important gap in housing by providing apartments that are furnished, cleaned, and maintained following strict protocols established by the transplant hospital guidelines. Our housing support is available  on day to day, and month to month short term stays.


Client Criteria /Temporary Resident Screening


The CPB Project follows a modified application process  as well an extended specific screening and background check.   ALL temporary residents MUST be direct medical referrals from area affiliated organ transplant facilities.


Support We Provide

Together, our volunteers and our Board members assist and support transplant patients during their stay. Our team provides transportation for the patient (and/or caregiver’s) first trip to a local grocery store and to the hospital when necessary. Our overall purpose is to create a warm, healing environment for everyone who stays in our facility.}